Tessie the “Mojo Stick”

This is the honest to goodness truth!

I was at the lake last August (2007) and it had flooded due to heavy rain the weeks prior to us going. By time we got there the waters had receded a bit and exposed once hidden lake bed. I was gathering wood for a fire to be built later on in the evening and I stumbled upon a Stick that stood out from the rest.

It was like a beacon of light from a New England Lighthouse, but it’s purpose was not to warn me of danger, but to draw me in like a moth to a light bulb. I was slightly dirty and almost 6 feet tall. It was solid and moderatley heavy and there seemed to be something different about this stick, something I couldn’t quite pick out. The strange thing was that I couldn’t bring myself to put it down or let it leave my site… It felt like what parental instincs must feel like.

It was a stick that was perfect to use as a walking stick… Slightly larger at the top and it gradually got slimmer towards the bottom where a point looked to have been fashioned by someone or something. It reminded me of Moses’ staff.

We headed back into town that sunday and something was keeping me from leaving it at the lake, so I took it home with me… (Stick with me here)

This was in August, the weekend before our series with Anahiem in Boston. Once I had gotten it home, the urge to keep it in my sites 24/7 faded a little. I stood it up in a corner and left it there. That week, I forget who we were playing, but during the first half of the game I was standing up watching the game and decided to us the stick to hold myself up. I noticed that when I was in physical contact with the stick we were playing better, not thinking there was a connection I put it down for a couple of inning and we went 3 up 3 down more then once, I picked it back up and we were getting on base. By the 9th we had cut the deficit but were still down a run… I picked up the stick when Lowell came up to bat… BAM!… GOING GOING, GONE! he tied up the score. Then we got a couple of guys on  and Crisp had a walk-off base hit to score Tek! I was amazed! Even Lucia was a little suprised.

The next time I used the stick was in the series against the Angels… Specifically The game where we were down 5 in the fifth <—-I think. I picked up the stick at the start of the inning and we loaded the bases… I was starting to get a little wierded out… Next batter, Papi. Grand Slam! then two more runs score… now we are up 6-5. ( I have 3 witnesses… Lucia, our friend Jeff and my cousin Aaron. All of them saw the correlation… we were awe struck)

from that point on I have held on to the Mojo Stick during dire situations and it almost always comes through… more often then not.

I have christened the stick “Tessie”… the Mojo Stick.

Believe it or don’t believe it… I know it works and I will continue to use the stick when necessary.

Jonathan Sherman, Gov. RSN of KS, A True Red Sox Fan.


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