Postseason ’08

As October begins I find myself struggling to come up with another sport that has a more exciting postseason. I am setting out certain clothes to wear during each series and depending on who is pitching or batting in a certain spot in the lineup will affect my decision on what to wear. Do I wear the shirt I was wearing when Lester threw his No-Hitter, or do I wear the Jersey I was wearing when Youk hit the go-ahead 3 run homer in the 8th against the Rangers to make the score 19-17? So Many questions! When the NFL playoffs start, I call a few people and see if they want to catch a game or two. Baseball, I find myself making a grocery list of ‘must-haves’ for the games like hotdogs, hot wings, and chips & salsa. I make sure the house is picked up so there aren’t any random items sitting in the middle of the floor when I am running around the house like a lunatic screaming and cheering because Papi just hit a walk-off homer or Ellsbury made another game-saving highlight-reel catch to add to his vault of an already amazing array of Web-Gems.


            No, the baseball postseason is different. There is a buildup, an anticipation to the postseason that I do not get for any other sport. It is a postseason filled with lasting memories and images that will never go away. Whether it’s Schilling’s bloody sock, or Papelbon’s leap off the mound after winning the World Series or even last years ALDS against the Angels where Manny hit the walk-off homer and posed at home plate with his hands in the air and everyone in the background of the picture doing the same as if playing Simon Says. Those are images you will never forget.


            This is the time when the Red Sox seem to step up their game to another level, a level in which many teams can not match for one reason or another. It might be experience or talent, it could be maturity or the blind confidence they all seem to have. A type of swagger the Red Sox possess in the postseason that is needed to be successful. So I am not worried about Drew or Lowell not playing or not producing because I am confident they will, but if for some reason they are unable, I also know that the Red Sox are great at picking up each others slack and someone will allays step up.


            Tonight starts the journey back to another World Series Championship. A journey in which I am looking forward to taking with the Sox, pitch by pitch, inning by inning, game by game, series by series.


Jonathan Sherman, Gov. RSN in KS, A True Red Sox Fan.




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